This is an invitation to coordinate and cooperate towards revolution and the overthrow of the Islamic Republic

Anarchists in Iran can also use the experience of anarchist struggle with authoritarian socialists and Republicans in the Spanish civil war as a campaign plan, while keeping in mind the specific circumstances of Iran and its active political forces, to coordinate the struggle

Another example that can be looked to is the popular democratic community of Rojava, which has been able to fight various political trends from all over the world to defend itself

It is possible to create a network of struggles consisting of LGBTQ+, feminists, students, Republicans, socialists, women, farmers, and workers as well as other radical and progressive movements that are pragmatic and struggling in the political sphere of Iran with the aim of overthrowing the Islamic Republic—or at least coordinate the struggle of anarchists and other militants to overthrow the Islamic Republic of Iran to make the struggles of all militants more effective

Coordinating, in certain circumstances, with other political tendencies is not contradictory with anarchist principles or thought and does not mean becoming members of any government or party. Of course this suggestion does not mean that anarchists set aside their principles or ideals, censor themselves, or accept some of these tendencies that are historically and intellectually against anarchism

From the anarchist point of view, the foundations of this alliance are based on the simple principle that all anarchist goals and ideals will not be achieved simultaneously in one stage. As a result, a desirable anarchist society needs to go a long way, and it is necessary educate more and more people about anarchist unions and networks and bring them in

Therefore, initial steps have been taken to create an alliance between anarchists and announce the formation of the Anarchist Union of Afghanistan and Iran, which currently is consists of five groups of anarchists in Afghanistan and Iran, Europe, and other countries, and hopes to grow into a larger union of anarchists


Anarchist Union of Afghanistan and Iran


Anarchist Era Collective

The Anarchist Group “Ayleh”

Radical Revolutionary Anarchist Front

P.S. Needless to say, we are not referring to these as political tendencies in any way


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